Hazel’s German Firsts

Hazel transitioned from country pup to city pup…

With apparent ease! I didn’t take a picture of everything, but this is what we did:

1. We went for a walk on the local nature trail an hour after her arrival. She was so full of energy! We just had to go exploring! She met three dogs– remember that leash rule I was talking about? We saw a dog, taller than Hazel, that was securely fastened to a leash. Hazel put hers back on, and as we passed the large dog said “HELLO!! HELLOOOOOO!!!! HI HI!!!” very loudly. He smiled a lot too– showing all of his teeth. We didn’t stick around to talk, Hazel wasn’t very fond of his accent. The second dog was Hazel’s size and very quiet– each pup had a sniff and moved on. It was perfect German dog style (indifference)– the judges awarded 5 gold stars to each pup!

2. We rode the bus! Twice! Hazel has always loved a good car ride, but I wasn’t sure how she would take this much larger car. My first fear was that she would absolutely refuse to step on, but she hopped right on with excitement and even tried to walk all the way to the back without paying! You can’t get away with your good looks everywhere, Hazel!

Usually, she is tall enough in the car to look out the window, but the bus windows were just out of her reach. It didn’t bother her too much on the way down to the valley, because she was far to interested in sniffing everyone that walked by. But, on way home she decided enough was enough! She put her front legs on my legs to prop herself up high enough to look out the window. I didn’t get a picture this time, but I will next time!

Riding the bus like a good lady.
Riding the bus like a good lady.

3.   We walked around downtown Esslingen– then stopped for a coffee! Hazel had water, though. I had a little brainstorming to do for work, so I Hazel relaxed on the floor for a bit. She started out on the outside of the round, two-person table….but by the end she had scurried her way under two more two-person tables (accosted two very nice German gals) and laid right down under my legs. The the gals didn’t seem to mind– in fact, they started talking about how pretty she was and one girl said her mom had a German Shepherd Dog…I eavesdropped, they weren’t talking directly to me…. =)

This is where I fit, Ma.
This is where I fit, Ma.

4. I had to get my week pass for the train for next week– so we went to the Hauptbahnhof. Hazel waited very patiently at the counter while I (seemingly) navigated myself through a conversation requesting a weekly pass for the next week. I was encouraged by the man behind the counter, who didn’t seem to have a hard time with my American accent! Yay!

5. We walked back through one of the shopping streets to get to the bus stop…and we paused for a moment to have a photo shoot:

Happily adjusting to her new home in Esslingen!
Happily adjusting to her new home in Esslingen!
Tired pup after our adventures!
Tired pup after our adventures!

6. We were up early enough for the sunrise today…and to play in the snow! Hazel’s favorite season is winter– especially when it snows! =)

Okay, Ma, I'm going to go play in the snow now..okay?
Okay, Ma, I’m going to go play in the snow now..okay?

Overall, we had a very enjoyable first day together in Germany! Today, we are going to meet the upstairs neighbor dogs on the nature trail. We might even go to the bar later! =)



2 comments on “Hazel’s German Firsts

    • She slept normally last night, no 3 am wake ups for a romp outside! So, I think she is adjusted to the time now!


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